My cities


When you look at my works of towns and cities you will see that they are not new but once upon a time they were and you can see traces of what was once there. There is decay and debris, buildings slant or lean back, sometimes even seem to be upside down. Your eye is drawn in by the familiar and yet unconventional. People are not to be seen, but here and there is still a sign of life. Your mind is trying to understand the story behind what you are seeing and feeling.
My creative process starts with taking photographs of interesting buildings, I edit these by mirroring, morphing, removing background or rotating if that produces a better image.
For the final work I make a combination of prints of the edited photographs onto a sheet of drawing paper (or another medium). This is the the foundation for my works of towns and cities.
Details are drawn in pen and ink. I then connect buildings, lower rolling-shutters and add ladders.  I change areas to make them seem to have been demolished or collapsed spontaneously. 
Through this process my town and city views change and grow.  In my mind I walk around in the picture, up and down stairways, climb over debris, hang on a rope ladder; like in a film or dream I can imagine myself in a new story at every corner.